DIDJCENTRIC: High Quality Aboriginal Didjeridus
I have several wonderful didjeridus for sale from my collection. Each one is unique and a top notch player. Most of these instruments are authentic termite hollowed eucalyptus didjeridus crafted by Aboriginal artists.

If you're interested in any of these instruments, please e-mail me at didjcentric@manikay.com. I'll be happy to play them over the phone for you.

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  1. Maker/Artist: Ken Wark, Katherine, NT
    Key: C-flat
    Artwork: Traditional clay ochre crosshatching and figures (gorgeous!)
    Description: This didjeridu is truly one of a kind. You can play it slowly and meditatively or you can give it some gas and really let it rip. It has an easy, mellow, overtone, great acoustic properties for vocals, and a wonderful, rich, set of harmonics. This is a prize collectable instrument for both its artistic and instrumental beauty. Circa late '80's - early 90's.
    Price: $550.00 ($US) + S&H
    Dimensions: 4' 10" tall, 2 6/8" across bell, 2" across mouthpiece
    Photos: [ Full length ] [ Detail ] [ Bell ]

  2. Maker/Artist: Djalu Gurruwiwi, Arnhem Land, NT SOLD
    Key: C#
    Artwork: Red and black acrylics with white bands
    Description: Djalu is a master yidaki maker from Gove Peninsula in NE Arnhem Land. He is the exclusive instrument maker for the Australian Aboriginal band Yothu Yindi. This is an incredibly fine yidaki with a long sinuous snake-like shape. It is very fast and responsive for such a low key and is made for strong percussive playing. It has a very traditional sound with sharp, "biting" harmonics and good articulation. Typical of NE Arnhem Land yidaki, overtones on this didjeridu are amazingly easy and vocals sound loud and clear. Typical of Djalu's work, this didj has a carefully crafted mouthpiece so no wax is needed. If you've ever played "bareback", you'll never want to play on wax again! This instrument will be a lifelong teacher to a beginning player and fine addition to a serious player's collection. Circa 1996.
    Price: $475.00 ($US) + S&H
    Dimensions: 5' 2" tall, 3 6/8" across bell, 1 2/8" across mouthpiece

  3. Maker/Artist: Unknown (non-Aboriginal made Agave didjeridu) SOLD
    Artwork: Clear natural finish
    Description: This is a non-Aboriginal instrument made out of Agave cactus. Agave didjeridus are known for their harmonics and this one is no exception. Incredibly light and thin walled, the entire instrument resonates when played. This didjeridu has a very haunting sound with beautiful harmonics and fabulous vocal capabilities. Typical of agave didjeridus this instrument takes surprisingly little air to play -- especially surprising for such a wide bored instrument. As with all agave instruments, the entire didjeridu is sealed inside and out with epoxy. There are a few cracks in the bell that do not seem to go all the way through to the interior and do not effect the sound.
    Price: $125.00 ($US) + S&H
    Dimensions: 4' 7" tall, 4" across bell, 3" across mouthpiece

  4. Maker/Artist: Unknown
    Key: D
    Artwork: Clear natural finish
    Description: This very fine, large belled didjeridu, is a perfect all around player. It is a joy to play this instrument as it is so responsive to vocal and oral manipulations. It can be played fast or slow with wonderful harmonics, easy overtones, and exceptional vocals. The termite tracks in this instrument are truly a sight to behold with thousands of separate grooves and paths. The bell on this instrument has been kept natural and has not been chiseled adding a richness and complexity to the harmonics not usually found in more "worked" instruments in my experience. With a clear finish to accentuate the beauty of the wood, this is a tough sturdy didjeridu perfect for throwing in the back of the car and taking with you on the road. This instrument can do it all and do it extremely well. A perfect instrument for a beginning or experienced player. Circa 1997.
    Price: $425.00 ($US) + S&H
    Dimensions: 4' 6" tall, 5" across bell, 2 1/2" across mouthpiece

  5. Maker/Artist: Indigjmu SOLD
    Key: E-flat
    Artwork: Acrylic dot painting with platypus
    Description: This is a very special didjeridu -- my very first instrument. This is a true concert class didjeridu circa 1993. It has an elegantly tapered conical shape that flares out at the bell. The inside has been well worked. It has an extremely rich and smooth sound quality with beautiful harmonics. It's not overly loud, but don't let its soft voice fool you -- this didjeridu is capable of almost anything. Good back pressure, wonderful articulation, good overtone, great vocals, and unique artwork. Indigjmu's instruments are rare and highly sought after.
    Price: $550.00 ($US) + S&H
    Dimensions: 4' 5" tall, 4" across bell, 2 1/4" across mouthpiece
    Photos: [ Platypus detail ] [ Bell ]

  6. Maker/Artist: Unknown - Non-Aboriginal
    Key: F
    Artwork: Acrylic cross hatching with kangaroo
    Description: This is an older instrument (early 80's?) reputedly made by a non-Aboriginal artist. It's a nice fast little stick in the key of F with a good buzzy drone. Great for taking out into the bush and playing around a camp fire. FUN!
    Price: $125.00 ($US) + S&H
    Dimensions: 3' 6" tall, 3" across bell, 2" across mouthpiece
    Photos: [ Kangaroo detail ]

  7. Maker/Artist: Unknown - Western Arnhem Land
    Key: D-D#
    Artwork: Traditional ochres
    Description: This is another older instrument probably from the mid '70's from Western Arnhem Land. For such a small instrument it has surprisingly deep and rich tonal qualities. A slower instrument, it is very nice for more meditative styles of play.
    Dimensions: 3' 10" tall, 2 1/2" across bell, 2" across mouthpiece
    Price: $150.00 ($US) + S&H
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